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In today's online world of high-speed websites and giant portals, every established Internet business boasts of delivering content via RSS.

Read below to learn how you can join the league.

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Create, Publish & Update your Feeds from anywhere

RapidFeeds gives you the ability to create and publish your own RSS feeds from any computer with an Internet connection. Our members' only area allows you to log in any time and create new feeds in a snap. Even better, RapidFeeds allows you to preview your feed in your browser before you actually publish it.

You can also very easily edit any of your running feeds with a click of a button and make sure they remain updated regularly. It's all done without you writing a line of code or dabble with any kind of scripts!

Add, Edit or Delete Items from your Feed in no time!

Items or posts can be easily called the soul of your feed, as they're what make up most of your feed. With RapidFeeds manager adding or editing Items is even easier than creating your feed.

Simply clicking on your feed's title will display a complete list of the Items contained in it. Here you can update your Items from time to time and also delete the ones which you no longer require in your feed.

Update Without Upload - The rules have changed...

Typically when you update your RSS Feed on your web page manually, you have to upload it each and every time you do it. This not only costs you the bandwidth used but also is a big waste of time.

Publishing your feeds using RapidFeeds manager ensures you don't lose any of your precious time or bandwidth, as you can very easily update your feed just by re-filling out an easy form.

Feed Monitoring has a new name - Rapid Stats

Monitoring your feeds' performance can prove really profitable for your business and drastically help you in improving your content. RapidFeeds helps you in learning more about your readers by tracking each one of your feeds and providing the following vital stats:

  • Hits: RapidFeeds live stats show you the total number of hits your feed is receiving, calculated from its first publishing date. Hits are a rough measure of traffic your feed is getting from all of the different sources.
  • Feeds' Click-through Rate: The exact number of times your feed's link (to your website) has been clicked is also calculated which is known as the click-through rate of your feed.
  • Items' Click-through Rate: Not only are your feeds' click-throughs calculated with RapidFeeds but also the number of times the specific Items in your feed have been clicked is also displayed
[ With more in-depth feed tracking and complete feed usage statistics coming soon, RapidFeeds can be easily judged as the easiest way to make the most out of your syndicated content.]

Forget the Bandwidth Costs

A large amount of bandwidth is lost if you happen to host your feeds on your own server. That's because, as many times as your feed is requested for updates, you lose bandwidth even if it doesn't change or gets updated. Your bandwidth keeps getting over-used and hence you end up paying much more than needed. However, if you choose RapidFeeds to host your feeds, you can get over this problem and save 100% of your bandwidth! No worries. No headaches.

Power Up Your Existing RSS or Atom feeds with RapidFeeds

Already have an RSS Feed published? Simply add the URL to your RapidFeeds account and instantly enhance it with advanced features like:

  • Pinging to Major Web-Aggregators and Directories.
  • Setting Browser-Compatible Styles
  • Configuring Items Display Order
  • Recording Basic Feed Statistics

[Note: Very soon you'll also have in-depth tracking of your feeds with our soon-to-be released "Advanced Stats".]

Rapidfeeds caches your external feeds and checks for updates at a regular time interval that you can specify yourself. This brand new service gives you the freedom to take advantage of our in-demand features and undivided support.

Ping Your Way To Success With "Easy Pinging"

Pinging is a smart way of informing the Internet world that your feed has been updated and there is something new. When you ping your feed to various RSS feed aggregators and directories they come to know that your feed has been updated, without waiting for them to check for updates. It's a time consuming process to ping each and every major directory and aggregator individually. But using RapidFeeds "Easy Pinging" you can ping as many as 9 aggregators and directories with one click!

What's more, we keep on adding more new places for you to ping on a regular basis, so that you can concentrate more on important things like developing and marketing your business.

Set the Display Order of Your Items

Enjoy more control over the display sequence of your feed items with RapidFeeds. It doesn't matter when you add your items because now you can very easily choose how you want your feed to be displayed with the following four options:

  • New Items On Top (selecting this option will arrange the items with the latest on top and the oldest at the bottom)
  • New Items at Bottom (This option is just the reverse of the first one. Here, the items are arranged with the oldest on top and the latest at the bottom)
  • Updated Items on Top (With this option selected, the most recently updated item goes on top with the older at the bottom).
  • Updated Items at Bottom (Again, this is just the reverse of the third option. Here the most recently updated item goes at the bottom with the older on the top).

Podcasting - The Smart Way

Podcasting is basically a way of publishing sound files on the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to your RSS feed and receive new audio files automatically. Users subscribe to Podcasts using aggregators, which periodically checks for, and downloads new content. It can then synchronize the content to the user's portable music player like iPod.

However, Podcasting does not require an iPod. Any digital audio player or computer with the appropriate software can play Podcasts. And besides Audio files, you can also use Podcasting to publish other files like zip files, document files, pdf files etc.

Podcasting is spreading across the web like wildfire. Everyone wants to be a part of the podcasting community. So why should you be left behind?

Use RapidFeeds to create your own podcasting feeds and let the world "hear" you!

iTunes Support: With this feature you can add more information about your podcasting feed in the iTunes store.

RapidFeeds Browser-Compatible Feed - Add Some Style to Your Feed

Considering RSS is still new with most of the people online, novice users are bound to get confused when they click on your feed link and see nothing but the XML file of your feed.

However, RapidFeeds browser-compatible feed solves this problem by displaying your feeds in a readable format, so that when a user clicks on your feed link in the browser, they see a well-formatted page showing the content of your feed, instead of the confusing XML code. Even better, your users are provided with different easy subscription options.

RapidFeeds offers you 4 different feed styles to choose from for your browser-compatible feed. You can switch to any one of these styles by simply logging into your members area anytime.

Give your feeds a make over with RapidFeeds because it's time they start looking good!

Schedule your Feeds

Publishing a newsletter via RSS or delivering new articles to your subscribers, whatever it is, with our Feed Scheduler you can always pre-publish your content and reap the benefits of automation. By pre- publishing your content, you can concentrate on the other important aspects like marketing, developing and growing your business.

With the RapidFeeds Feed Scheduler you can very easily schedule your feeds to be updated on any given date. And our Feed Scheduler will automatically update your feeds on the scheduled date.

RapidFeeds makes it ultra simple for you to schedule your RSS feed for any future updates and rightly puts your RSS publishing on autopilot.

Password Protect

Want to provide only authorized access to your feeds?

Easy. Use the Password Protect feature to set a Username and Password for your feed to restrict it's access to only authorized users. This feature can be very helpful if you publish a private or a paid feed.